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Build your own bowl

(2 protein $9.95,  3 protein $11.95)

Step1:choose a base

White rice, Sushi rice, Purple rice, Baby Spinach, Spring mix, Sliced zucchini, Half and half, Shirataki(konjac noodles)($1Extra), Poke

Burrito($1.00 Extra,wrap in soy paper)

Step2:choose your protein(Max 3)

Gulf Tuna,Salmon,Yellowtail,Spicy Tuna,Spicy crab,Shrimp,Crawfish,Temp shrimp,Diced chicken,Diced ham,Fried Tofu,Eel($2 extra),

Step3:choose your sauce

Yuzu Ponzu,Eel Sauce,Yumyum sauce,Spicy Mayor,Wasabi Mayor,Poke sauce,Mango sauce,Chili Garlic sauce, House Chilli

Sauce,Sesame Oil

Step4:choose your topping(Max6)

Edamame,Cucumber,Red Cabbage,Green Onion,Red Onion, Sweet Corn,Carrot,Okra, Pickled Jalapeno,Radish,Tomato,Pineapple,Pickled

Ginger,Peanuts,Sesame seeds,Nori

Step5:Special topping ($0.50 each,Max6)

Mango ,Avocado,Seaweed Salad,Squid Salad, Tamago, Crabstick, Masago,Tobiko(Flying fish roe),Yellow Pickled

Radish,Asparagus,Cashew,Macadamia nuts,Pine nuts

Step6:choose your Dressing

Ranch,Ginger Sesame,Honey Mustard,sweet onion Sauce,ltalian

Step7:Choose your Crisp

Fried garlic,Onion Crunch,Wonton wrap,Crunch

Extra Protein($2.00 each)

Gulf Tuna,Salmon,Yellowtail,SpicyTuna,Spicy crab,Shrimp,Crawfish,Temp shrimp,Diced chicken,Diced ham,Fried Tofu,Eel($2 extra)

*Price subject to change without notice.